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La Isla Foundation (LIF) is a public health and policy NGO addressing a fatal epidemic of chronic kidney disease (CKD) among sugarcane workers in Latin America.
You can be part of the solution: donate to support our programs, or find out how you can work with us today.

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We want the world to know

La Isla Foundation works with international media and produces its own material to communicate the impact of the epidemic to the world.

In the most affected communities nearly 70% of men are ill with CKDu.

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We support and organize

La Isla Foundation organizes and supports workers and communities impacted by CKDu via micro loan facilitation, alternate job training, language courses and workshops focused on worker and community rights.

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We research the cause

Current research focuses on the intersection between crippling dehydration brought on by poor work practices in the cane industry and exposure to as yet undetermined toxins.

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We are changing policy

La Isla Foundation is working to change government, industry, and consumer policy to protect the health and safety of sugarcane workers. We’re investigating relevant trade regulations, local and international labor laws, and certification processes.

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You experience Nicaragua

There are many ways to experience Nicaragua and support our work: learning Spanish, volunteering in our programs, and salsa dancing just to name a few!

Our foundation is named after the rural sugarcane worker community of La Isla, Nicaragua, where mortality rates from the epidemic of chronic kidney disease are so high that it is now referred to as La Isla de Viudas, or "The Island of Widows."
By working at the intersection of public health and human rights, we will change the labor practices and policies that contribute to this epidemic.

We are a public health NGO based in León, Nicaragua addressing the CKDu epidemic in several worker communities throughout the agricultural lowlands of Central America.

Together with our partners, we facilitate research addressing the cause of the epidemic as well as developing and overseeing community programs.

How can you help?

There are many ways. Take Spanish or English classes, learn salsa dancing, practice yoga, or volunteer in one of our programs. All profits support our work. We welcome donations and organizations interested in partnering with us. Please contact us with any comments or questions.

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